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Experience the future of WhatsApp Business with Autochat. Our cutting-edge cloud-based platform offers powerful automation features to help you streamline your operations and achieve business goals.


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Autochat UAE
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What we are offering

Powerful WhatsApp Solutions for Enhanced Business Performance

Powerful WhatsApp Solutions for Enhanced Business Performance

No Coding required
No coding

No Code Chatbot Builder

Build powerful chatbots without programming. Autorespond, qualify leads, answer FAQs, and more.

e commerce

WhatsApp Commerce

Offer products directly within WhatsApp. Integrate with WooCommerce, Shopify, or custom platforms.

Bulk messaging system
Bulk Messaging

Bulk Messaging & Team Inbox

Reach thousands with a click. Assign incoming chats to multiple agents for efficient support.

Chat gpt

AI Chatbot

Build powerful chatbots without programming. Autorespond, qualify leads, answer FAQs, and more.

Native WhatsApp Shopping Experience

Revamp your online retail experience with WhatsApp eCommerce, a comprehensive solution enabling small and medium businesses to seamlessly sell products within WhatsApp.

With an integrated checkout system, customers can effortlessly complete purchases directly within the app, enhancing the speed and convenience of online shopping.

Key Features:

  • Integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, or any Platform.
  • Fully Automated Checkout with streamlined payment processing.
  • Best-in-Class Abandoned Cart Recovery implementation for optimized sales.
WhatsApp eCommerce
No coding required

Advanced Chatbot Builder for WhatsApp

Create Interactive Chatbots Effortlessly with Drag & Drop
Design advanced WhatsApp chatbots effortlessly, even without coding skills. Our intuitive no-code chatbot builder empowers users to automate interactions and deliver instant responses in real-time.

Key Features:

  • Media, Interactive List & Button, Catalog Message Support
  • API & Web-hook Integration for Seamless Communication with Any Software
  • Enhanced Functionality with Powerful Add-ons: OpenAI, Zapier,, Google App.

Unified Team Inbox: Enhance Sales & Support Collaboration

Efficient Multi-Agent Chat Solution for Web & Mobile
Experience seamless sales and support chat with Auto Chat CRM’s multi-agent chat system. Empower multiple agents to handle incoming messages on a single WhatsApp number, with access control and performance monitoring.

Key Features:

  • WhatsApp-like Web & Mobile App for Seamless Communication
  • CRM-Specific Features Tailored for Sales & Support Chat
  • Agent Assignment, Reassignment, Team Management, and Tagging Capabilities
  • Override Bot Functionality: Assign Chatbots to Sustain Conversations
Team Inbox

Why Choose Us

Elevate Your Customer Service with Enterprise-Grade WhatsApp Integration

Unlock the potential of enterprise-grade WhatsApp API to redefine your customer service strategy. With Auto Chat’s official WhatsApp Business integration, serve your customers wherever they are with unmatched efficiency.

Key Benefits:

  • Official WhatsApp Business Account in just 2 days
  • Seamlessly Connect with Existing POS/ERP or eCommerce Systems
  • Integration with Any Software Supporting Webhooks/APIs
  • Instant Notification Delivery to Thousands of Customers

Get Verified

Earn the Green Tick Verification Mark

Stand out with the Green Tick Verification Mark, a symbol of credibility and authenticity on WhatsApp. AutoChat specializes in helping notable brands secure verification, enhancing trust and legitimacy.

Key Benefits:

  • Establish Authenticity: Gain credibility with the Green Tick Verification Mark
  • Protect Your Brand: Prevent impersonation and ensure customers can identify your legitimate business account
  • Enhance Trust: Instill confidence in your customers with verified status
Get Verified

Why It's Special

Elevate Conversions, Sales, and Revenue

Maximize your business potential by leveraging your customers’ preferred communication channel. Drive unparalleled conversions, sales, and revenue through strategic utilization of WhatsApp.



Most Popular Questions

What makes AutoChat a leading WhatsApp Automation Platform?

AutoChat stands out as the most advanced WhatsApp Automation Platform, offering cutting-edge cloud-based solutions to streamline operations and achieve business goals. With features like a no-code chatbot builder, bulk messaging, and seamless eCommerce integration, AutoChat is trusted by top brands and boasts a 5/5 rating from over 200 happy customers.

How does AutoChat simplify chatbot development without coding?

AutoChat eliminates the need for coding with its powerful No Code Chatbot Builder. This feature enables users to build robust chatbots effortlessly, allowing for autoresponses, lead qualification, FAQ handling, and more. The platform also supports advanced functionalities like media and interactive elements, API integration, and compatibility with third-party add-ons such as OpenAI and Zapier.

What sets AutoChat apart in the eCommerce landscape?

AutoChat revolutionizes eCommerce with a native WhatsApp shopping experience. Businesses can integrate their online stores with WhatsApp, offering a streamlined checkout process directly within the app. With features like automated checkout, integration with platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, and effective abandoned cart recovery, AutoChat enhances the speed and convenience of online shopping.

How does AutoChat enhance team collaboration and support efficiency?

AutoChat introduces a Unified Team Inbox, facilitating efficient multi-agent chat solutions for both web and mobile. With this feature, multiple agents can handle incoming messages on a single WhatsApp number, complete with access control, performance monitoring, and the ability to override bot functionality when necessary. This ensures seamless sales and support collaboration.

What benefits does AutoChat offer through official WhatsApp Business integration?

AutoChat helps businesses unlock the potential of enterprise-grade WhatsApp API, redefining customer service strategies. With an official WhatsApp Business account in just 2 days, seamless connections to existing POS/ERP or eCommerce systems, and integration with various software supporting webhooks/APIs, AutoChat ensures instant notification delivery to thousands of customers, ultimately enhancing customer service efficiency and credibility.



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Akhil Shyam
Akhil Shyam Founder, The Cozy Corner
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"Autochat helped us streamline our communication and boost sales by 20%. Our customers love the convenience of shopping directly on WhatsApp!"
Remya Santhosh
Remya SanthoshCEO, TechByte Solutions
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"Autochat's chatbots and team inbox have revolutionized our customer support. We now respond to inquiries faster and have happier customers."
Priya Raman
Priya RamanMarketing Manager, GreenVibes
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"I love the ease of use of Autochat! The no-code chatbot builder and native WhatsApp integration have saved me hours and provided immense value."
Vikram Singh
Vikram SinghHead of Marketing, EduConnect
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"Sending bulk messages with Autochat has been a game-changer. We can now reach thousands of potential customers with ease, saving us time and resources."
Riya Sharma
Riya SharmaFounder, Rida's Boutique
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"Autochat's chatbots helped us personalize communication and connect with customers on a deeper level. We've seen a significant increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty."
Akash Menon
Akash MenonCTO, FitForLife
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"The team inbox feature in Autochat has revolutionized our internal communication. We can now collaborate seamlessly and respond to customer inquiries promptly, leading to improved efficiency."
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