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Unlock the future of customer interactions with OpenAI-powered AI chatbots on Autochat.


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Revolutionize Your Customer Service

Elevate your customer service experience with OpenAI ChatGPT Integration. Introducing our latest feature, OpenAI ChatGPT Integration, empowering your business to harness the capabilities of OpenAI GPT artificial intelligence for interactive customer support. With AutoChat, seamlessly integrate your business data sources such as PDFs, Word documents, or your website, without any technical expertise required. Provide your customers with timely information round-the-clock, without human intervention.

Business Data as Source

Business Data as Source

Effortlessly incorporate your business data sources, such as PDFs, Word documents, or your website, into the Chatbot, enabling it to provide answers directly from those sources.

Long Memory Chats

Long Memory Chats

AutoChat’s ChatGPT Integration feature has a long memory, allowing it to provide a more natural and conversational experience to the customer.

Let’s Check


Let’s Check The Possibilities

Real Estate

Real Estate VA

Deliver 24/7 support and property info via WhatsApp chatbot with integrated real estate data.

School Chatbot

School Chatbot

Enhance student experience with a WhatsApp chatbot for course schedules, assignments, and grades.

Law Firm

Law Firm Chatbot

Enhance client communication and streamline processes with a legal chatbot providing FAQs answers and case updates.

Banking Chatbot

Banking Chatbot

Offer financial support via a WhatsApp chatbot integrating banking data for inquiries on accounts, transactions, and loans.

Travel Planning Chatbot

Travel Planning Chatbot

Help customers plan their trip with a travel planning chatbot that can answer questions about travel itineraries and local attractions.

Support Chatbot

Support Chatbot

Boost efficiency and cut costs with a WhatsApp chatbot for customer assistance and troubleshooting.

Hotel chatbot

Hotel Concierge Chatbot

Enhance guest experience with a WhatsApp chatbot for room service, recommendations, and FAQs.

Business Services

Business Services Chatbot

Enhance engagement with a WhatsApp chatbot answering queries, giving updates, and scheduling appointments.

What we are offering

Powerful WhatsApp Solutions for Enhanced Business Performance

No Coding required
No coding

No Code Chatbot Builder

Build powerful chatbots without programming. Autorespond, qualify leads, answer FAQs, and more.

e commerce

WhatsApp Commerce

Offer products directly within WhatsApp. Integrate with WooCommerce, Shopify, or custom platforms.

Bulk messaging system
Bulk Messaging

Bulk Messaging & Team Inbox

Reach thousands with a click. Assign incoming chats to multiple agents for efficient support.

Chat gpt

AI Chatbot

Build powerful chatbots without programming. Autorespond, qualify leads, answer FAQs, and more.


Most Popular Questions

What is AutoChat's key feature with OpenAI ChatGPT Integration?

AutoChat’s OpenAI ChatGPT Integration is a cutting-edge feature that revolutionizes customer service by leveraging the capabilities of OpenAI GPT artificial intelligence. This empowers businesses to provide interactive customer support without human intervention.

How does AutoChat allow businesses to integrate data sources effortlessly into the Chatbot?

AutoChat allows businesses to effortlessly incorporate their data sources, such as PDFs, Word documents, or websites, into the Chatbot. This enables the Chatbot to provide answers directly from these sources, all without requiring technical expertise.

What advantage does AutoChat's ChatGPT Integration offer with its long memory for customer interactions?

AutoChat’s ChatGPT Integration feature boasts a long memory, enhancing the Chatbot’s ability to provide a more natural and conversational experience to customers. This ensures a smoother and more personalized interaction.

How can AutoChat's OpenAI-powered Chatbots be utilized in various industries?

AutoChat’s OpenAI-powered Chatbots cater to diverse industries, including real estate, education, law, banking, travel planning, support, hotels, and business services. These chatbots are designed to deliver 24/7 support, streamline processes, and enhance customer experiences across different sectors.

What are the specific applications of AutoChat's Chatbots in a law firm or a hotel concierge service?

AutoChat’s Chatbots have practical applications, such as providing legal FAQs and case updates in a law firm or enhancing guest experiences with room service recommendations in a hotel. These applications showcase the versatility and efficiency of AutoChat’s ChatGPT Integration in various business scenarios.



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Akhil Shyam
Akhil Shyam Founder, The Cozy Corner
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"Autochat helped us streamline our communication and boost sales by 20%. Our customers love the convenience of shopping directly on WhatsApp!"
Remya Santhosh
Remya SanthoshCEO, TechByte Solutions
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"Autochat's chatbots and team inbox have revolutionized our customer support. We now respond to inquiries faster and have happier customers."
Priya Raman
Priya RamanMarketing Manager, GreenVibes
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"I love the ease of use of Autochat! The no-code chatbot builder and native WhatsApp integration have saved me hours and provided immense value."
Vikram Singh
Vikram SinghHead of Marketing, EduConnect
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"Sending bulk messages with Autochat has been a game-changer. We can now reach thousands of potential customers with ease, saving us time and resources."
Riya Sharma
Riya SharmaFounder, Rida's Boutique
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"Autochat's chatbots helped us personalize communication and connect with customers on a deeper level. We've seen a significant increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty."
Akash Menon
Akash MenonCTO, FitForLife
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"The team inbox feature in Autochat has revolutionized our internal communication. We can now collaborate seamlessly and respond to customer inquiries promptly, leading to improved efficiency."
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